File Under “Galloping Idiocy”

I’m listening to npr, and they’re discussing the foreign policy challenges facing the next president, whoever that may be.

A question arose about Obama’s statement that he’ll talk to regime’s we’re not particularly fond of.  And Peter Brooks, of the Heritage Foundation, opines that this would be disastrous.  We need, he says, to be very wary of “conferring legitimacy” on “rogue states.”

One has to wonder what planet the Heritage Foundation rents real estate on.

The one where our refusal to “confer legitimacy” on Castro has finally brought him down after–ahem–forty-nine years?  Or perhaps they’re living on the planet where our support for Musharraf has worked so wonderfully to stabilize Pakistan?  Or is it where Ronald Reagan refused to be fooled by Gorbachev’s so-called reforms, and gave him the cold shoulder?

My goodness. 


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