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What Worries Me: The Hillary File

I’m not a Hillary-hater.  I’m not a huge fan, either, but that’s more because I’m just not a big fan of big political ambitions.  So, most anyone who desperately yearns to be president worries me.  That means any candidate makes me nervous. 

But I do worry, not so much about Hillary per se, but about how the nation will react to President Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is hated–seriously hated–with a depth, breadth, and ferocity that makes Bill’s negatives pale in comparison.  And, while the 1990s may look halcyon from the perspective of a decade later, it wasn’t fun.

Remember the various patriot, militia, and Aryan-supremacy groups?  Black helicopters?  Jesse Helms?  Newt Gingrich?  Government shut-down?

The day after Bill’s election, I had a neighbor at my door, handing me a three-dollar bill with Bill’s face on it.  “He’s not really president,” she said.  “He only won 43% of the vote.  You don’t owe him your loyalty.”

If Hillary is elected, the country will go nuts, lurching to the right in a kind of Newtonian reaction.  Bush will immediately become less than a memory.  The Republicans will gain in Congress in 2010, and the country will be ungovernable.  It won’t be Hillary’s fault, but it will happen, just the same.

 And we can’t afford that, frankly.  The times are too dire. 


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